Step by Steps on how to connect your printer into your own Personal Computer!

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Atlanta Mall adds Google Maps Virtual Tour

30 October 2012–Atlanta, Georgia, USA -Plaza Fiesta Mall is now using Google’s new maps search to virtually walk through the entire mall. The new view fully integrates Google’s street view with a virtual tour inside a business that is featured on Google Maps or through a Google search. Bret Doman, the owner (and a professional photographer) of Atlanta Business Pics specialises in using photography to help local businesses with online search enhancement

Many businesses in the Atlanta area are unfamiliar with potential business boosters like the Google’s new map search options which contain panoramic virtual tours. Atlanta Business Pics is a Google Trusted Photographer that will create a spectacular virtual tour for almost any business with no additional fees from Google for hosting and disp...

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How Do I Set up Browser Sync | Backup all your browsing history

I was so thankful for noticingĀ  Mozilla Firefox Synchronizing Features, and it’s really hassle free,

Let me tellĀ  you my story on how i come to this.

Today, i am encountering some minor problems with my windows 7 Operating System and it give’s me a hard time finding the caused of this error it make me upset totally.

To getting rid of this error so i decided to reformat my windows partition which located into the Local Disk (C)

Local Disk

That’s the only partition will be formatted, since all of the data which is stored into my Local Disk (C) will be deleted so i decided to backup some files that can still be used and move all my files to Local Disk (D).

After performing back up , i just check my browser history and i almost forgotten that i have many visited website which i am browsing daily it wi...

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